Posted by on December 21, 2018

This is the story of one wiggled brush.

This small wiggled brush was very sad, as he couldn’t stand tall like other brushes.

He would watch as other brushes would leave and feel sad that he didn’t even get a look. As he sat at the edge of the table hoping someone would come and take him, he was so sure he could paint just like those other brushes.

One day a lady came in looking for a different kind of brush. Wiggles stood up as straight as he could and wiggled himself over to where she could see him. Sure enough she picked him up, looked closely at him and with a smile took him home with her.

As she sat down at the painting table, she picked him up and started to paint, but what came out was not so good.

Poor wiggles felt so sad again, and wondered if it was possible that he would be able to paint real good. But the lady just smiled at him and said, it’s OK wiggles we will try again. And with that they tried again and again till one day what came out wasn’t so bad. And with each new try things began to look much brighter. Wiggles began to be a very happy brush, and said to himself maybe I can paint after all.

Then one day a friend came to visit and seen what she and wiggles had painted. She thought it was pretty good and asked why her friend didn’t sell the work. The reply was where and how? She was told at art and craft shows. Well we had never heard of such places and were not sure what a craft show was. The friend explained what they were and said she would book her into one, just appear with her paintings.

As they set up at the “show” little wiggles hid under some paper as he was very scared. In a little while he peeked out to see the lady working on setting up the table, so he joined her. Soon he saw people stopping by the table and would complement on the painting. Wiggles just wiggled with delight. As the day wore on many people stopped by looked and talked about the things they were seeing. As pieces left, little wiggles just couldn’t help himself he wiggled and wiggled with glee.

For many years she and the wiggled brush went to many shows, traveled all over the provience of Alberta and with success they had many happy years of ” shows”. And they learned a lot of their work was going all over the world. That made wiggles a very happy brush.

Then one day his lady friend ended up in the hospital with a heart attack, she is OK, but big shows and travel are not possible anymore, so he and his lady did small one day shows, till the thought came why not make a website, but where and how came into the thoughts. Then one day they got an invitation from a place called Wealthy Affiliate to learn to do just that. Now the little brush can rest while his lady learns to do a website, which he thinks will take some time just as learning to paint did.


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